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During the Second World War, the Germans took four years to build the Atlantic Wall. On four beaches it held up the Allies for about an hour; at Omaha it held up the U.S. for less than one day.

– Stephen E. Ambrose

Whether visiting Omaha Beach with D-Day veterans to pay homage to the fallen on one of our WWII tours, following the path of Lewis and Clark down the Missouri River, or tromping the battlefields of the Civil War, Stephen Ambrose sought to enlighten, entertain, and educate with his tours. Today, Stephen Ambrose Historical Tours carries on his legacy, continuing to preserve and expand the carefully conceived and executed WWII and historical itineraries inspired by his life’s work.

We invite you to travel with us through the battlefields of Europe, the Pacific and Civil War, and follow the trails of explorers in the American West on one of our historical, military and WWII tours. Led by full-time historians who are experts in their field, their years of research and interviews with hundreds of WWII veterans on the battlefields on which they fought add a personal dimension no other tour can company offer. Their passion and enthusiasm will leave you with the memory of a lifetime.

WWII Tours

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