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Pvt. Robert Fruling said he spent two and a half days at Pointe-du-Hoc, all of it crawling on his stomach. He returned on the twenty-fifth anniversary of D-Day ‘to see what the place looked like standing up’ .

– Stephen E. Ambrose, D-Day: June 6, 1944

Stephen Ambrose D-Day Tours offers three D-Day tours that cover the entire D-Day campaign.

Stephen E. Ambrose led his first D-Day Tour, the D-Day to the Rhine Tour, in the late 1970s with his friend Peter McLean when he was a professor at the University of New Orleans (UNO). He founded the Eisenhower Center at UNO and as part of his research, he interviewed thousands of D-Day veterans about their firsthand experiences in battle and traveled with them to the very places in Normandy where they fought. Our D-Day tours are based on his research and have been further developed by our Chief Historian Capt. Ronald Drez, who personally worked with Dr. Ambrose.

Thanks to our decades of experience with the terrain and its history, we are able to present three D-Day tours that are unmatched in their authenticity.

The Best D-Day Tour

Dr. Ambrose’s D-Day to the Rhine Tour was the first commercially-operated D-Day tour. Today, Stephen Ambrose D-Day Tours carries on his legacy, continuing to preserve and expand the carefully conceived and executed D-Day tour itineraries inspired by his life’s work.

Our D-Day to the Rhine, Operation Overlord and Normandy Tours are unrivaled in their historical accuracy. Each one has a full-time historian who is an expert in D-Day history, who travels on the entire tour. They are available to answer questions throughout the tour and join our guests in the evening, when we discuss the day’s events over cocktails and dinner.

Stephen Ambrose developed many friendships over the years with the locals in the places we visit on our D-Day tours, which we have continued to cultivate. This allows us to offer our guests exclusive experiences that no other WWII or D-Day tour company can offer. Our long-standing relationships ensure that our D-Day tours move smoothly and that you have a seamless experience.

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July 30 - August 7, 2018 - Operation Overlord Tour
July 30 - August 11, 2018 - D-Day to the Rhine Tour


September 10 - 18, 2018 - Operation Overlord Tour
September 10 - 22, 2018 - D-Day to the Rhine Tour