D-Day To The Rhine Tour

The D-Day tour is the ultimate trip for anyone interested in WWII history in Europe. We visited so many significant historical sights and saw so many things that most people would never find if they were touring on their own or with another company that doesn’t specialize in WWII history.

I know a lot of people who have toured France and spent one afternoon in Normandy. We spent 3 days there, not only on the beaches but at many other out-of-the-way places where significant events occurred.

Our tour guide was the most knowledgable person I have ever met on WWII history. His narratives really did make history come to life.

Our accommodations were excellent throughout the trip and Stephen Ambrose Historical Tours made the planning easy.

This D-Day tour is a dream trip for any WWII history buff who wants to stand on the beaches at Normandy, experience the powerful emotions brought forth by the military cemeteries in France and Luxembourg, stand in a foxhole in the Ardennes, and tour General McAuliffe’s office in Bastogne.

– H. Roger Barksdale, New Palestine, IN

I am a history and WWII buff and I felt this was an outstanding trip. My wife, who does not have a great interest in military matters, also feels this was one of her best trips.

– Warren Tate

Excellent tour. I would highly recommend it to anyone with WWII interest. Best company and historians.

– Joan and Charles Wilcox

Overall, the tour was the best experience I’ve had. I will remember it for the rest of my life. I took over 600 photos. I got to see where my dad was at and wondered what made him what he was.

– Dale Herd

Overlord Tour

I can not imagine any improvement on the content of the info. Ron was the best – and all his stories and videos served to enhance the experience.

Honestly – everything was so great. Ron was terrific and everyone, of course, fell in love with Judy Drez. And I appreciate so much that you accommodated our group and its early separation in Bayeau etc. Many thanks to you and all!

– Judy N.

Great tour! In the future I will definItely recommend Stephen Ambrose Historical Tours to family members and friends. Also, I plan to take one of the Civil War historical tours in the future. Enjoyed every minute of the tours!

– Amy D.